Good Quality E-glass Chopped Strand Mat 300GSM
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Good Quality E-glass Chopped Strand Mat 300GSM

High Quality Fiber Glass Chopped Strand Mat is relatively slow and mechanical tensile strength is high .
  • E-glass
  • YuNiu Fiberglass
  • 20180127
Product Description

North American Supplier E-glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat is relatively slow and mechanical tensile strength is high .

It is made of glass fiber raw silk after short cut, random undirected evenly spread, and then use emulsion or powder adhesive bond to make a sheet of felt felt. 

Features and USES 

1, the felt soft, covering mould sex good, convenient tear by hand, roller pressure exhaust bubble is very good, resin consumption, resin soak well, penetration speed, bubbles easily excluded, products high mechanical strength, excellent acid corrosion. 

2. Suitable for glass steel products with large area of hand paste processing, 

chopped strand mat Product details2 chopped strand mat Product details1


1.The isotropic, uniform distribution, better mechanical properties.
2.The easy adsorption resin, surface finish products, good sealing performance, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance performance.
3.The products with good heat resistance.
4.The surface fabric layer with high strength rough.
5.The resin and good soak, soak speed, speed up the curing speed, improve productivity.
6.The mould covering performance is good, easy to cut, easy construction products suitable for the production of more complex shape.


E-glass fiber chopped strand mat is mainly used in FRP hand lay up molding, dry winding, centrifugal casting forming technology to manufacture a wide variety of glass fiber plastic products. It can be widely used in automobile interiors, roof insulation materials used in transformer, sanitary ware, anti-corrosion pipes, tanks, ships, seats, building components and other glass steel products, with excellent mechanical and physical and chemical properties and excellent technological properties.



A roll wrap on a paper tube then after packed in a plastic bag then into carton,Packaged in cartons loaded on pallets.

Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving the deposit.



Recommended glass fiber products stored in a dry environment. Recommended storage temperature range of10 ~ 30 ℃Between the relative humidity 50 to 75%. Before using the product, the need to keep the packaging intact state.