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Integrating beauty and function into one, creating a unique interior wallpaper style for you
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Woven from refined glass yarn material, which offers significant advantages over vinyl wallpaper and other non-woven materials
Realize all your imagination of fiberglass wallcovering
From seamless installation of intricate woven patterns to glossy finishes, transform your ideas into extraordinary design features
Why Choose YuNiu Fiberglass Wallcovering?
YuNiu will help you find the right fiberglass wallpaper for your project by offering different pattern textures, different color schemes, different space options and give you a personalized quote at a discounted price.
Browse the YuNiu fiberglass wallpaper series one and choose your favorite pattern texture for your interior decoration
Browse the YuNiu fiberglass wallpaper series two and choose your favorite pattern texture for your interior decoration​​​​​​​


For your design inspiration, here are some possible color combinations for our wall decor patterns.

Impressive Advantages Of YuNiu Fiberglass Wallcovering

The versatility of Aiswix fiberglass wallcovering allows it to be used in a variety of ways in interior decoration and has a long-term positive impact on environmental comfort. 
Countless design options for your room: Thrilling reliefs, luxurious woven fabrics, straight lines, clear textures and perfectly smooth surfaces, etc.
Voice Control
YuNiu fiberglass wall covering, with good covering function, can effectively absorb noise and enhance the acoustic performance of the room.
Moisture Permeability
The open-pore structure of YuNiu fiberglass wallpaper is conducive to the natural diffusion of moisture and is permeable to water vapor.
Once installed and painted, the wallpaper also underlays and even reinforces the substrate for repainting with any water-based paint.
YuNiu paintable wallcovering is certified with fire protection class B-s1, d0 and seamlessly combines the excellent technical properties of fiberglass with a non-combustible coating
Strong And Wear-Resistant
Can be used as a protective cover for walls, not only abrasion and scrub resistance, but also impact and puncture resistance, suitable for reinforcing walls and ceilings or bridging cracks.
Braided Structure
Due to the woven structure of the material, air circulates between the fibers of the fabric, fiberglass wallpaper does not form fungi and mold and balances the humidity in the room.
Volume Structure
The special volumetric structure makes the fiberglass wallcovering have obvious relief patterns, which emphasize the luxury of the interior through the play of light and shadow.
Ring Structure
Paintable wallcovering has a ring-shaped structure similar to that of a jersey, allowing water vapor to flow freely, creating a healthy climate.

User's Guidance Of YuNiu Fiberglass Wallcovering

If you want to do-it-yourself your project, here are our recommended construction steps. 
 Cut the fiberglass wallcovering according to the required length plus 8-10cm margin.
 Special glue for roller brushing fiberglass wallcovering, the width of the roller brush is about 10cm wider than both sides of the fiberglass wallcovering.
 Use a flat spatula to gently press the bicloth on the wall.
 Butt the adjacent pattern.
 Flatten the seam of the fiberglass wallcovering with a cloth pressing shovel.
 Flatten the rest of the fiberglass wallcovering with a bicloth flattening stick.
 Trim off the excess on both sides with a knife.
 Use a knife to cut off the rest of the fabric.
​​​​​​​ Apply colored paint to the fiberglass wallcovering with a paint brush
Are you planning a major renovation and already have a specific idea of what wallpaper you want?
Contact us directly, we look forward to receiving your request for a quote!
Operating in 126 countries and supplying the highest quality materials to over 1000 customers worldwide, we value the trust you place in us and are committed to helping you succeed. As part of our family of satisfied clients, you will receive personalized support and tailored solutions to move your project forward.
Exported To 126 Countries, 1000+ Partners
From North America to Europe, from Asia to Africa, our products meet the diverse needs of different projects.

Excellent Show: YuNiu Fiberglass Take Center Stage

Building Global Connections: Tailoring Solutions for a Diverse Client BaseConnect with global industry professionals and customize solutions for cross-industry customers..
  • JEC Composites Show
    JEC Composites Show is the leading international trade fair dedicated to the field of composites. It show provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our high-quality solutions, establish business contacts and expand our presence in the global fiberglass market.
  • Dubai BIG5
    BIG5 Dubai, the largest construction event in the Middle East, provides a great opportunity for networking and business development and collaboration within the construction industry, as we showcase our capabilities in high quality and reliable product for a variety of buildings.
  • Canton Fair
    The China Import and Export Fair is one of the largest and most informative trade fairs held in China. Our stand attracts a diverse audience, from customers to industry experts and exhibitors, and we take great pride in the exceptional quality and performance of our products.
  • Canton Fair
    Attracting international buyers and exhibitors from different industries, Canton Fair brings together professionals in fiberglass and related industries to discuss the latest innovations. Allows us to showcase our products to a global audience and explore potential partnerships.
  • JEC Composites Show
    JEC Composites Show brings together key players from all over the world, by participating in JEC Composites Show, we have the opportunity to meet professionals from various industries, network with potential customers, and gain valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in composites.
  • BUA Exhibition
    The BAU Exhibition is one of the world's leading trade fairs for construction, materials and construction-related systems. At the show we share our knowledge and expertise, highlight our product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends.

Trust That Leaves An Impression: YuNiu Fiberglass Customer Visit

First-hand experience in ensuring high-quality fiberglass wallcovering with our professional services and modern factory.

Trusted Certifications For Quality Assurance

You can have full confidence in the quality and compliance of our products, we give priority to third-party testing, obtain CE, ISO9001, SGS, BV and other certifications to ensure that our products meet global standards.

Hear Real Feedback From Our Customers

Find out how some of our customers get the ultimate experience with YuNiu fiberglass wallcovering.

Mart Mourit

"I've been amazed at the design options Aiswix fiberglass wallcovering offers. It's transformed my plain walls into a work of art with textures and patterns that really stand out. My living room has never looked so elegant!"

Oraz Orazov

"As an architect, I rely on materials that offer versatility. Aiswix fiberglass wallcovering exceeded my expectations with its ability to bridge cracks, strengthen surfaces and maintain a flawless finish. It is my go-to for interior projects."

Felix Zajaro

"Safety is my number one concern and the Aiswix fiberglass wallcovering has exceeded my expectations. Its fire and impact resistant properties give me peace of mind knowing my family and home are well protected."


Rubel Islam

"Aiswix fiberglass wallcovering has transformed my space into a cozy haven. The natural diffusion of moisture keeps the room cozy and I love how it easily complements my decor."

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiberglass Wallcovering

These Q&As are designed to address concerns and doubts that customers may have when considering trading with YuNiu by providing transparent information, timely support.
  • Q1: Is fiberglass wallcovering more expensive than other non-woven materials?
    While the initial cost of fiberglass wallcovering may be slightly higher, its superior durability and resistance to damage means it needs to be replaced less frequently than traditional wall coverings, and in the long run, fiberglass wallcovering is even more helpful in saving costs.
  • Q2: Does your fiberglass wallcovering have any outstanding advantages in terms of health?
    Our fiberglass wallcovering are made of pure natural raw materials, Oeko-Tex certified, with a special surface treatment that permanently binds the formaldehyde released into the indoor air, thus ensuring a safer Cleaner, purer indoor air.
  • Q3: Are your fiberglass wallcovering easy to clean and maintain?
    Yes, our fiberglass wallcovering is not only durable, but also easy to clean and maintain, especially its smooth surface can be wiped with mild detergent without damaging the material, a practical choice for commercial spaces with hygienic requirements.
  • Q4: Can I customize to match various interior design styles?
    Of course, Aiswix fiberglass wallcovering come in a variety of textures, patterns and colors to suit many decorating styles, allowing you to choose an option that matches your preferred interior design aesthetic, and we will have a professional interior designer to provide you with a unique design and build help.
  • Q5: What support will you provide me during the installation process?
    We will provide you with technical information, advice, practical guidance and resource support to ensure a smooth and successful installation, and we will help you translate your design wishes into a custom fiberglass wallcovering solution that meets your vision.
  • Q6: I am looking for an eco-friendly option, can you provide a solution?
    Of course, we are committed to our sustainable development vision, our fiberglass wallcovering is manufactured with environmentally friendly processes and materials, making it a responsible choice for customers who want to minimize their environmental footprint.
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