Fiberglass plain cloth 45gsm~300gsm factory direct supply
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Fiberglass plain cloth 45gsm~300gsm factory direct supply

E-glass fiber Plain Weave Cloth is woven by fiber glass yarn, which is treated with silane coupling agent, the kind of weave is plain.
It is base material of high strength,low extensibility,coating with resin easily and surface flat and so on.
For the specification, we could according the customer require customize
 Product Features
1, For low temperature -200 °C, high temperature between 600 °C, with weather resistance.
2, Non-adhesive, not easy to adhere to any material.
3, Chemical resistance, resistance to strong acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents corrosion.
4, Low friction coefficient, is the best choice for oil-free self-lubricating.
5, Light transmittance of 6 to 13%.
6, With high insulation properties, UV protection, anti-static.
7, High strength. Has good mechanical properties.
8, Drug resistance 
  • YN-PC-001

  • Yuniu fiberglass

  • 2020-006

Product Description


Whether you are in industries such as aerospace, automotive, fire blankets, sports and leisure, wind energy, industrial applications, or any other industry that requires high-quality fiberglass plain weave, Yuniu is your ideal choice.


Fiberglass plain cloth 45gsm~300gsm factory direct supply

Fiberglass plain cloth is woven by fiber glass yarn, which is treated with silane coupling agent, the kind of weave is plain.It is base material of high strength,low extensibility,coating with resin easily and surface flat and so on.For the specification, we could according the customer require customize.


Product Specifications

YuNiu's versatile fiberglass plain weave can meet your diverse project needs, guaranteeing excellent performance and cost-effectiveness, while being available in a variety of specifications, allowing you to precisely match your project, ensuring optimal performance and Meet your specific needs.


Product Packaging

1.40kg/roll 20rolls/tray (normally 1m wide) Net weight: 800kg Gross weight: 825kg

2. Box size: 260*260*1020 Pallet size: 1100mm*1100mm

3. 20-foot container with 20 pallets and 16 tons, 40-foot container with a weight limit of 25 tons


YuNiu fiberglass supports multiple shipping methods (sea shipping, air shipping, rail shipping), we can recommend the best shipping method for you.

Delivery Detail

15 days after receiving the deposit.


Company Profile

YuNiu operates in 126 countries/regions and provides the highest quality materials to more than 1,000 customers around the world. From North America to Europe, from Asia to Africa, YuNiu’s products meet the diverse needs of different projects. At the same time, YuNiu is committed to building global connections, showcasing our high-quality solutions at exhibitions such as JEC Composites, Dubai BIG5, Canton Fair, etc., establishing business contacts and expanding our influence in the global fiberglass market

YuNiu values your trust in us and is committed to helping you succeed. As a member of our family of satisfied customers, you’ll receive personalized support and tailor-made solutions to move your project forward.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fiberglass Plain Weave

These Q&As are designed to address concerns and doubts that customers may have when considering trading with YuNiu by providing transparent information, timely support.

Q1: What factors should be considered when choosing the weight of glass fiber plain weave?

The weight of the glass fiber plain weave can affect the mechanical properties and performance of composite parts. Factors to consider include desired strength, weight limitations, desired flexibility, and resin compatibility. Best of all we can help determine the right weight for your specific application.

Q2: How do I ensure proper resin impregnation in fiberglass plain weave?

Proper resin impregnation is critical to achieving the desired mechanical properties in composite parts. Important steps include ensuring the fabric is clean and dry, applying the resin evenly, and using proper techniques for reinforcement and curing. Following the resin manufacturer's guidelines and working with an expert can help ensure proper impregnation.

Q3: How should fiberglass plain weave be handled and installed?

Fiberglass plain weave fabrics should be handled with care so as not to damage the fibers. It is recommended to store it in a dry and clean environment. During installation, proper technique should be followed, including ensuring adequate resin impregnation, avoiding air pockets and maintaining uniform fiber orientation.

Q4: Are there any precautions I need to take when handling fiberglass plain weave?

When handling fiberglass plain weave, it is important to wear protective gloves and clothing to avoid skin irritation. Handling in a well-ventilated area or wearing a mask is also recommended to prevent inhalation of loose fibers. In addition, care should be taken to prevent damage to the fabric during storage and handling.

Q5: What payment methods do you have?

We recommend opting for Western Union, as it offers a more favorable handling fee. However, for new clients, we currently only accept payments through 50% T/T. On the other hand, if you have been a long-standing customer and are experiencing financial constraints, we offer the option of OA credit.

Q6: When can I receive the goods?

It depends on whether you need to customize, if you don't need to customize, we can ship within 7 days if we have stock, if you don't have stock and need to customize, it will take 7~15 days!

After delivery, you will generally receive the goods in about 45 days, but the specific time you receive the goods depends on your port, shipping date, customs clearance time and other factors.

Q7: What after-sales service do you provide?

Technical Support: Our team of experts is ready to help you diagnose and resolve any technical issues or challenges you may encounter;

Customer Support: We can provide product guidance and advice as well as order tracking and delivery updates according to your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process from purchase to receipt;


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  • Q 6:What's your delivery time for production?

    A:If we have stock , can delivery in 7 days ; if without the stock, need 7~15 days !
    YuNiu Fiberglass Manufacturing
    Your success is our business!
    Any questions, please contact us freely. 

  • Q 5:How do you charge the sample fees?

    A: If you need a samples from our stock, we can provide to you for free, but you need to pay the freight charge.If you need a special size, We will charge the sample making fee which is refundable when you place an order.
  • Q 4:When can I offer?

    A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price pls call us or tell us in your email , so that we can reply you priority.
  • Q 3:Package & Shipping?

    A: Normal package:carton(Incuded in the unite price)
    Special Packge: need to charge according the actual situation.
    Normal shipping :your nominated Freight forwarding.
  • Q 2:What's the MOQ?

    Usually 1 Ton.
  • Q 1:Are you a factory? Where are you located?

    We are a manufacturer from China.