6mm fiberglass chopped strands for gypsum board
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6mm fiberglass chopped strands for gypsum board

6mm fiberglass chopped strands for gypsum board is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has a great variety of properties, good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.
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Product Description

6mm fiberglass chopped strands for gypsum board is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has a great variety of properties, good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.

Fiberglass chopped strands: divided into thermosetting chopped strands (BMC) and thermoplastic chopped strands (PA, PP, PBT, PPO, ABS/AS, PC). It is widely used in moulding plastic, glass and steel products, kiln well cover, European accessories and gypsum board. The various fibers in the asbestos tile are enhanced. Fiber length is generally 6.0-24mm. Suitable for NYLON, SMA, SAN, PET, PS, PVC, ABS and other materials, such as insulation, heat insulation and noise abatting. 

Our factory production of non-alkali fiberglass chopped strands, use a knife or cut machine, used in premixed process GRC, divide into two kinds of premixed and dispersible. Its characteristic is good alkali resistance, in the cement and other high corrosion resistance in alkaline medium. Which is used for GRC reinforced cement products. The gypsum and other inorganic material has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and therefore can be used in high-rise buildings. Civil engineering, garden decoration and energy facilities. 

chopped-Strands-for-concrete2  chopped-Strands-for-concrete3

Product features

(1) The tensile strength is high and the elongation is small (3%).  

(2) High elastic coefficient and excellent rigidity.  

(3) The elastic limit is large and the tensile strength is high, so the absorption shock energy is large.  

(4) Inorganic fiber, non-flammable, good chemical resistance.  

(5) Small absorption.  

(6) Stability and heat resistance.  

(7) Good processing ability, which can be used in various products such as stock, beam, felt and weaving.  

(8) Transparency can penetrate the light.  

(9) Development and completion of the surface treatment agent with good resin.  

(10) The price is cheap.  

(11) It is not easy to burn and can be melted into glass beads at high temperature 


Product application

1. The effect of crack initiation and expansion of glass fiber reinforced fluorine concrete. Improve the anti-seepage performance of concrete. Improve the frost performance of concrete. Improve the resistance and toughness of concrete. Improve the durability of concrete.  

2. Glass fiber joins cement line, gypsum board, glass steel, composite materials, electrical appliances and other products construction projects, which can be reinforced, anti-crack, wear-resisting and strong. 

3. The glass fiber joins the reservoir, the roof slab, the swimming pool, the corruption pool, the sewage treatment pool can improve their service life. 


Packing and shipping

Glass Fiber Chopped Strands are packaged in kraft bags or woven bags, about 25kg per bag, 4 bags per layer, 8 layers per pallet and 32 bags per pallet, Each 32 bags of products are packed by multilayer shrink film and packing band. Also the product can be packed as the customers’ reasonable requirements.

Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving the deposit.


Product storage

This product should be stocked in dry and cool places. The best condition is within temperature between 15-35℃, with a relative humidity between 30% and 70%. Please keep the product in its original packing before use to avoid moisture.


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  • Q 6:What's your delivery time for production?

    A:If we have stock , can delivery in 7 days ; if without the stock, need 7~15 days !
    YuNiu Fiberglass Manufacturing
    Your success is our business!
    Any questions, please contact us freely. 

  • Q 5:How do you charge the sample fees?

    A: If you need a samples from our stock, we can provide to you for free, but you need to pay the freight charge.If you need a special size, We will charge the sample making fee which is refundable when you place an order.
  • Q 4:When can I offer?

    A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price pls call us or tell us in your email , so that we can reply you priority.
  • Q 3:Package & Shipping?

    A: Normal package:carton(Incuded in the unite price)
    Special Packge: need to charge according the actual situation.
    Normal shipping :your nominated Freight forwarding.
  • Q 2:What's the MOQ?

    Usually 1 Ton.
  • Q 1:Are you a factory? Where are you located?

    We are a manufacturer from China.
  infor1@fiberglassyn.com