Take you to understand the huge role of carbon fiber
  Under the background of high-speed industrialization in today's world, the use of carbon fiber is becoming more and more diversified. In the occasions requiring high temperature and high physical stability, carbon fiber composite materials have irreplaceable advantages. The higher the specific strength of the material, the smaller the self-weight of the component, and the higher the specific modulus, the greater the stiffness of the component. It is precisely because of its excellent performance that carbon fiber has a wide range of application prospects in national defense and civil fields.

1. Composite materials
  In addition to being used as a thermal insulation material in traditional use, carbon fiber is mostly added to resin, metal, ceramic, concrete and other materials as a reinforcing material to form a composite material. Carbon fiber has become the most important reinforcement material for advanced composite materials. Because carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of lightness and strength, lightness and rigidity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good structural dimensional stability, good design, and large-area integral molding, they have been widely used in aerospace, defense, military and civil industries. are widely used in various fields.