Research on the development strategy of high-performance fibers and their composite materials in China
Development status of high-performance fibers and their composites in my country
  After decades of development, with the strong support of relevant national ministries and commissions, through the implementation of various scientific and technological projects, special capacity building and the establishment of national innovation research institutions, my country's high-performance fiber and composite materials technology and industrial development have achieved some progress. Pleasant results.

 (1) Continuous breakthroughs in core technologies and gradual improvement in product performance

  Domestic breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies for the development, engineering and aerospace application of basic (T300) roving carbon fiber, and the independent guarantee of key models has been achieved; Completed the application research of some equipment; carried out the engineering of high-strength medium-model (T800H grade) carbon fiber and the key technologies of its application, and has entered the stage of key model assessment, verification and trial; in terms of pitch-based carbon fiber, breakthroughs in high-purity spinnability Key technologies for the preparation of mesophase pitch and continuous high thermal conductivity pitch-based carbon fiber (P120 grade).

  In the aspect of aramid fiber, breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies of para-aramid and heterocyclic aramid, and several sets of industrialized plants have been built. Basic para-aramid fiber (Kevlar grade 29) achieves stable mass production and supply, high-strength para-aramid fiber (Kevlar grade 129) achieves localized supply, and has been applied in batches in the fields of optical cable, gypsum, rubber hose, bulletproof, etc., and has completed high temperature resistance. Type, high-strength roving gun, roving gypsum can be realized.

 (2) The scale of the industry is expanding year by year, and a certain industrialization experience has been accumulated

  In 2019, the demand for roving fiberglass in my country is about 3.8×104t, but more than two-thirds of the consumption is foreign fiber; the operating capacity of fiberglass in my country is about 2.6×104t, and the actual sales volume is about 1.2×104t. Domestic small tow fibers have achieved sales of about 7,000t, and the market share is gradually expanding, and the rest are domestic large tow fibers. The main driver of China's ultra-high growth demand is the wind power blade market, which has brought rare development opportunities for the domestic manufacturer of fiberglass products.