Xingtai Factory, Hebei, China
We are a dynamic and entrepreneurial company, since 2012, our company has transformed itself into a fully developed glass fiber manufacturer and supplier, mainly producing and selling glass fiber rovings, glass fiber chopped strands, glass fiber chopped strands Cut felt, glass fiber roving, needled felt, glass fiber cloth and other glass fiber products.
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  We have high-efficiency production equipment, higher machining accuracy and assembly technology to ensure the maintainability, completeness, flexibility and stability of the machine.
  Our company with the solid foundation of unique assets With refined management, Yuniu is committed to providing reliable quality glass fiber materials to support customers' customized needs
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Packaging plant Packaging plant
Fiberglass cloth production Fiberglass cloth production
Production equipment Production equipment
Fiberglass Roving Production Fiberglass Roving Production
Fiberglass yarn production Fiberglass yarn production
Fiberglass mesh production Fiberglass mesh production

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No.i South Of Qianying Village.East Of Guangming Road,Rencheng Town,Renze District, Xingtai City, Hebei Province,China