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How much do you know about the application field of glass fiber roving?
  Fiberglass Roving are bundled from parallel strands or parallel monofilaments. According to the glass composition, roving can be divided into: E-glass roving and Medium alkali glass roving. The diameter of glass fiber used in the production of glass roving ranges from 12 to 23 μm. The number of rovings ranges from 150 to 9600 (tex). Untwisted roving can be directly used in some composite material forming methods, such as winding and pultrusion, because of its uniform tension, it can also be woven into Roving Fabric. into glass fiber chopped strands.
  Roving 600 is mainly used as electrical insulating materials, such as industrial filter materials, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, sound-insulating, shock-absorbing materials, and can also be used as reinforcing materials to manufacture reinforced plastics or reinforced rubber, reinforced gypsum and reinforced cement and other products. If the glass fiber is coated with an organic material, its flexibility can be improved, and it is used to make packaging cloth, window screen, wall covering, covering cloth, protective clothing and sound insulation materials. The following is a detailed introduction to its application in the field.

(1) Application of fiberglass e glass yarn in the field of electrical insulation 
  Because of the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good insulation, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient processing and molding, and easy maintenance, glass fiber composite materials have been widely used in the power industry. Application in the power industry In addition to traditional power transmission and transformation equipment and facilities, FRP towers and composite cable cores have become one of the hotspots in the industry. Electrical insulating material products can be divided into 8 categories, and there are 6 categories related to glass fiber, which is enough to explain the wide application of glass fiber in this industry. These 6 classes include: insulating impregnated products, glass fiber reinforced plastic laminates, glass fiber molding compounds, mica products, insulating paste and reproduction products, and magnet wire.
(2) Application of roving glass in aerospace field 
  The aerospace field brings together the latest scientific and technological achievements in the world today, and is also a concentrated display of the technological level of new materials. High-performance glass fiber composite materials have become an indispensable material in the aerospace industry. The three major metal materials have jointly become the cornerstone to support the development of the aerospace industry. 

  Roving 2400 is used in both civil passenger aircraft and military aircraft. The glass fiber reinforced material effectively reduces the weight of the aircraft, improves the commercial load, saves energy, and achieves the effect of light weight and beautiful appearance. It has the properties of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardant and aging resistance.
(3) Application of glass fiber yarn in environmental field 
  The ecological environment is an ecological factor necessary for human survival and development. The Chinese government has clearly pointed out that protecting the environment is the basic national policy that my country has adhered to for a long time. Because of its excellent properties, glass fiber has relatively broad application.

  For example, glass fiber filter materials have made considerable contributions in improving exhaust gas, composition, and reducing dust emissions. In addition, a glass fiber air filter paper can be used in the air conditioning system to remove the odor in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. Glass fiber has a very good application in water environment and soil environment. It can be combined with organic fiber materials and processed into geotechnical materials, which can be used to waterproof soil loss.

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