Application of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites in Automobiles
  Non-metallic materials used in automobiles include plastics, rubber, self adhesive joint tape, friction materials, woven glass cloth, glass and other materials, involving petrochemical, light industry, textile, building materials and other related materials The industrial sector, so the application of non-metallic materials in automobiles, reflects a country's comprehensive economic and technological strength, and also includes a large number of related industries' technological development and application capabilities.

  The glass fiber reinforced composite materials currently used in automobiles include: reinforcing fibers, mat fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic materials, sheet molding compounds, resin transfer molding materials and hand lay-up FRP products.

  At present, the glass fiber reinforced plastics used in automobiles mainly include: PP fiberglass chopped strands, glass fiber reinforced PA66 or PA6, and a small amount of PBT and PPO materials. Reinforced PP is mainly used to make products such as engine cooling fan blades, upper and lower covers of timing belts, but some products have defects such as poor appearance quality and warpage, so non-functional parts are gradually filled with PP such as talcum powder and other inorganic fillers. alternative.