Choosing the Right Fiberglass Mesh for Your Project
Selecting the Optimal Color to Enhance Performance and Efficiency

White Fiberglass Mesh
White is a widely used color for fiberglass mesh and is often used in construction projects such as reinforcing plaster, stucco or concrete surfaces.
Yellow Fiberglass Mesh
Yellow fiberglass mesh is used where high visibility or safety precautions are required, such as construction zones, road works or warning indicators.
Orange Fiberglass Mesh
Orange fiberglass mesh is often used in construction sites or public events for security fencing, temporary barricades or demarcation purposes etc.
Customization for Your Unique Needs
YuNiu Fiberglass is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and support, we turn your vision into reality with tailor-made fiberglass mesh solutions
Special Specifications/Packaging Customization
Print LOGO on the product
Specified color production
Print the specified content on the outer packaging
State-of-the-art manufacturing facility
Witness the cutting-edge technology behind our production
Our Global Reach and Client Stories
Exported to 126 countries and cooperated with 387 partnerships
Trusted Certifications for Quality Assurance
Demonstrating our Commitment to Excellence and Compliance
ISO9001 Certification
ISO9001 certification proves that we have implemented and maintained effective quality management practices, we provide high quality fiberglass mesh that meets customer expectations.
SGS Certificate
The SGS certificate signifies that our fiberglass mesh products have been rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Alibaba Gold Supplier
As a gold supplier of Alibaba, we have been fully evaluated by Alibaba, and our track record proves our ability to provide trustworthy and reliable fiberglass mesh products to global customers.
CE Certificate
CE certification shows that our glass fiber mesh products meet the health, safety and environmental requirements set by the European Union.

  • Learn more about our products with these FAQ
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  • Q1:Is the glue content of the fiberglass mesh sufficient?
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    Our fiberglass mesh is carefully formulated with a Grade A latex,The glue content is 15-18%,coating to ensure optimum bonding and bonding properties.
  • Q2:What are the types of raw materials for weaving, and are the warp and weft threads straight?
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    Our raw materials are divided into C-glass and AR-glass, the yarn strength reaches the standard, and the warp and weft design of the glass fiber mesh is straight without any bending.
  • Q3:Will the inner shaft of the mesh cloth be crushed during transportation?
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    Our fiberglass mesh is designed and manufactured to withstand shipping conditions without crushing the inner shaft. We use strong and thickened packing materials and work with reliable shipping partners who understand fragile material handling requirements. Rest assured , we prioritize the safe delivery of our products to ensure they arrive in good condition.
  • Q4:What's your delivery time for production?
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    A:If we have stock , can delivery in 7 days ; if without the stock, need 7~15 days !
  • Q5:What after-sales service do you provide?
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    We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and building a long-term relationship to make your experience with our fiberglass mesh products more positive through after-sales such as technical support, return policy, customer support, feedback and continuous improvement.
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