Characteristics and application of glass fiber cloth
The characteristics of fiberglass cloth

  Fiberglass cloth is divided into high-alkali cloth, medium-alkali cloth and non-alkali cloth according to the alkali content. The lower the alkali content, the better the flexural and tensile strength. These types of cloth can be distinguished according to their electrical conductivity. The high-alkali cloth is a conductor and can be used as a wire. The medium-alkali cloth is a semiconductor, and the non-alkali cloth is an insulator. Optical fiber for signal transmission is glass fiber transmission, which belongs to high-alkali cloth, suitable for magnesite cement building materials is medium-alkali cloth, and non-alkali cloth is suitable for circuit boards, electronic grade.

  1. It has a good covering function, suitable for various surfaces, effectively covering the defects of new and old walls, and ensuring the uniformity of surface structure and color.
  2. Strong tensile strength, effectively prevent the wall from cracking, and reinforce the wall. Cooperated with high-quality paint, the surface does not accumulate static electricity, does not produce dead spots of accumulation, and is easy to clean. Strict surface sizing treatment makes the wall cloth clean and smooth, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and can prevent the growth of microorganisms or parasites. It is also a kind of reinforcing material.
  3. The open spaces of the organizational structure are conducive to the natural diffusion of water vapor and promote the adjustment of the indoor climate.
  4. The non-smooth fiberglass fabric surface can reduce noise.
  5. Good repeatability, save trouble and labor, easy construction, green and environmental protection, safety and environmental protection, good decorative effect, rich texture.
  6. It can be used as reinforcement and drainage in road, water conservancy, environmental protection and other projects.