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What are the different forms of common glass fibers?

一、What are the common glass fiber forms, do you know?

  At present, glass fiber is widely used. Glass fiber will adopt different forms according to different products, processes and performance requirements of use, so as to meet different use requirements. What are the different forms of common fibreglass composite?

 1. Twistless Roving
  Untwisted roving is further divided into direct glass fiber roving materials and plied untwisted roving. Direct yarn is a continuous fiber drawn directly from glass melt, also known as single-strand untwisted roving. The plied yarn is the coarse sand made of multiple parallel strands, which is simply the synthesis of multiple strands of direct yarn.

  Teach you a little trick, how to quickly distinguish between direct yarn and plied yarn? One strand of yarn is drawn out and shakes quickly. The one that remains is straight yarn, and the one that is dispersed into multiple strands is plied yarn.

 2. Bulk yarn
  Bulked yarn is made by impacting and perturbing glass fibers with compressed air to separate the fibers in the filament glass fiber and increase the volume, so that it has both the high strength of continuous fibers and the bulkiness of chopped fiberglass.