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Why is Hebei Yuniu fiberglass cloth so widely used?

  The well-known glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance and has a wide variety. It has many advantages, such as good insulation and high mechanical strength, strong heat resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, etc. fiberglass woven fabrics are usually used as fibre reinforced composites, which are electrical insulating materials and thermal insulation materials, and circuit substrates have penetrated into the national economy. in various fields.

  Now the domestic fiberglass fabric industry can be self-sufficient, Hebei Yuniu Fiberglass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has also become a major company in the sales of fiberglass geotextiles in the country. The quality of its products is not only guaranteed, but also used for very broad. Because of this, the past data proves the extensiveness of domestic fiberglass geotextiles. In the form of fiberglass woven roving 24 oz, the thermal insulation core material of the new domestic composite air duct is generally 2.5 cm thick. The glass fiber material is characterized by fine fluffy dust, which cannot be directly used for ventilation. On the side, it can be pasted with glass fiber geotextile, which can prevent the fluffy dust from entering the air duct.

  In addition, it should be said that the production of glass fiber geotextile can be added with anti-corrosion and anti-mildew materials. Such glass fiber becomes anti-corrosion glass fiber, which can prevent moisture in the air duct and corrosion of various impurities. The air duct on the fiberglass scrim cloth is still durable.Compared with the material, it is also light in weight, which is convenient for workers to make and install. For example, it can be used in the new type of glass fiber thermal insulation composite air duct, which can reduce the weight of color steel fiberglass.


1. What is glass fiber cloth, and what are your advantages in application?
  Glass fiber cloth is a composite of fibr glass and non-woven fabric, and is widely used in civil engineering as an excellent geosynthetic material. It is also known as fiberglass geotextile.

2. Is it effective for old and new walls?
  Yes, because it has a good covering function and effectively covers the defects of old and new walls, in fact, it is suitable for a variety of surfaces, and it can also ensure the uniformity of surface structure and color.

3. What is the quality of the fiberglass cloth, will it be easy to break?
  The first thing to explain is its tensile strength. In fact, glass fiber woven roving fabric is made to prevent the wall from cracking. If it is matched with high-quality paint, it will make it easier for you to clean, not only to ensure tensile strength, but also Prevent the growth of microorganisms!


4. the advantages and characteristics of glass fiber cloth
  • Extremely thin and lightweight material
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Good symmetry Fiberglass wall mesh with good symmetry can avoid problems caused by different expansion and shrinkage during processing.
  • The surface is smooth and easy to drill when laser drilling
  • The quality of the coupling agent is better. The coupling agent is used to coat the surface of the glass fiber cloth. The purpose is to add a layer of chemical bonds between the epoxy resin and the glass fiber cloth. The strong elastic elasticity and bonding firmness can prevent the separation of the two when the board is subjected to strong heat and has a very different expansion.

  Fibre cloth for waterproofing has high tensile strength, small elongation (3%) and high modulus of elasticity, the second has good rigidity, is non-flammable and has excellent chemical resistance, and the third has low water absorption and sufficient heat resistance. Excellent and transparent to transmit light. Fourth, it has large elongation within the elastic limit, high tensile strength, good overall processability, and can be made into various forms such as strand felt fabrics.

  Today's Fiberglass Fabric is an alternative to metal materials and with the rapid development of the market economy, glass fiber has become an indispensable raw material for industries such as construction and transportation, electrical and electronic, chemical metallurgy, and even defense. Its application is widely recognized in many fields, therefore, it is paid more and more attention by people.

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