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Introduction to the characteristics and production process of glass fiber mat

一、Various characteristics of glass fiber mat

  Glass fiber felt is a high-grade felt with insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention, noise reduction, air purification and other properties made by cutting composite fibreglass into a certain length, and then making through the processes of splitting, velvet, and acupuncture.

  Glass fiber mat features:

  1. Good thermal insulation: According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of gas is small, and there are many air pockets inside the excellent thermal insulation material. The glass needle mat has countless tiny gases, and the fibers are irregularly arranged. It is an excellent thermal insulation material with a thermal conductivity of 0.2 to 0.040kcal/mhr.

  2. It will not burn: the main component of glass fiber is silicide (more than 50%), which is non-flammable, non-deformable, non-brittle, and resistant to high temperature up to 7000C.

  3. Good sound absorption rate: When the sound wave penetrates into the glass fiber cotton, the period energy will be inhaled in large quantities due to the friction with the fibers and air pockets of different sizes. Generally speaking, the sound absorption rate is as high as 90% or more, which is a good talent to prevent noise interference.

  4. High insulation: ar fibreglass can withstand high temperature, has good mechanical properties, and has high chemical stability, which is the insulating material of hao.

  5. High corrosion resistance: glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid and alkali, and its functional properties will not be reduced for a long time.

  6. Good recovery: The glass fiber contains numerous fixed air pockets, and the recovery is excellent. Not afraid of any shock and vibration, the tensile strength is above 1.0kg.

  7. Low moisture absorption rate: The moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

  8. Lightweight and soft: Compared with other thermal insulation materials, Fiberglass Needle Mat is light and soft. If it is installed on a machine, it can reduce its weight and vibration load.

  9. Simple construction: the size can be cut according to customers.


二、Production process of glass fiber mat

  The production process of glassfiber matten can be divided into four processes: glass fiber forming process, binder feeding process, glass fiber bonding process and glass fiber winding process.

  1. Glass fiber forming process

  Fiberglass creel: placed in an air-conditioned room, humidity controlled at 82-90%, and the ply-twisted rovings are placed on the creel according to the set specifications and quantities.

  Chopping unit: Each chopper is equipped with an individually controlled variable frequency motor, which can cut several bundles of ar fiberglass roving into equal lengths of about 50mm.

  Scattering: It is controlled independently with the chopper, so that the fibers are randomly and evenly spread on the mesh belt.

  2. Binder feeding process

  The so-called emulsion fiberglass mat and powder fiberglass mat are distinguished by this process.When producing Powder mat, the spraying equipment sprays the sprayed water. This operation is a necessary step for the better adhesion of the powdered adhesive. The powdered adhesive is applied by the dusting equipment.When producing Emulsion mat, the spray equipment sprays latex diluted with water, and the dusting equipment does not work.

  3. Glass fiber bonding process

  Use an oven to dry the excess water to bond the glass fiber to the glass fiber.

  4. Glass fiber winding process

  Cool the fiberglass mat, trim the burrs on both sides and cut it to the desired size, and automatically wind it up.


三、What are the factors that affect the strength of glass fiber chopped strand mat

  1. Adhesive, the manufacturer will formulate the production requirements of mat 450 according to the customer's use process. The strong adhesive force of the felt during the production process generally depends on the binder content. The more the binder content, the greater the tensile strength of the product. 
  2. some people may not understand that any product will have a shelf life, and chopped strand mat is no exception. The chopped strand mat 450 gsm is made of adhesive. After a long time, the adhesive will age, and the moisture in the air will also erode the felt and affect the strength of the felt.

  3. The direct factor affecting the strength of the felt is the cutting strength during production. The greater the cutting strength, the greater the impact on the strength of the felt, and the easier it is to tear the felt.