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The basic characteristics and functions of glass fiber

  At present, in the processing and production of glass materials, the high-quality and reliable poler fiberglass has become the preferred reinforcement material among composite materials. For customers, if they invest more in this kind of glass fiber to understand its basic properties and various economic values, they can effectively use the various basic characteristics of today's glass fiber to bring better protection for their own use, and the following According to the current basic characteristics of fibra de vidrio unidireccional, we will make a specific analysis for everyone.


  一、What are the basic characteristics of glass fiber

  1. More reliable electrical insulation and durability

  From the analysis of the current properties and basic raw materials of con fibra de vidrio, it can be found that this high-quality and reliable glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Moreover, the glass fiber with good service can show stable insulation, and the corresponding corrosion resistance and heat resistance are more stable. For customers, the application of this high-quality and reliable glass fiber in daily engineering implementation and processing can effectively achieve various safety protection and anti-electrical insulation disposal, so that this high-quality and reliable glass fiber is truly Improve the actual electrical insulation of today's reinforcement materials.

  2. Flame retardancy and chemical stability

  In daily applications, the ability to effectively resist dangerous factors and avoid burning can make today's high-quality and reliable glass fibers show better reinforcement effects, and customers can find from the current fibra devidrio where there are high-quality procurement channels, high-quality and reliable glass fiber Fibers resist chemical attack and enable better quality reinforcement and reinforcement of today's materials such as gypsum cement.

  All in all, this unique feature has made glass fiber a favorite material among current reinforcement materials. Now we can fully understand the specific use of fiber glas and the application texture of glass fiber, choose glass fiber with richer power and function, so that the glass fiber can really improve the texture of the process, and make its flexibility and insulation. More secure and reliable.


 二、What are the functions of the application of glass fiber?

If you want to enhance the physical properties of plastic products and the texture of their properties, you can add some sturdy and durable glass fibers to improve the modulus of plastic products. For customers, in the application and in-depth reinforcement disposal of this high-quality and reliable material fiber glass, its material also brings more effects to the metal reinforcement and various applications of the product.

  1. Realize the processing of 3d glass fabrics

  After processing glass fiber, it can be woven into various unique glass fabrics. Glassfiber cloth itself is neither afraid of acid nor detection. In long-term applications, it can be used as filter cloth in chemical factories and packaging bags for chemicals. In this service Under the application of good glass fiber material, it can effectively meet the production needs of today's packaging. For customers, the effective use of this kind of glass fiber to realize the weaving and processing of its own material can show the unique function and safety protection effect of this kind of glass fiber in the chemical field.

  2. Integrate with plastic products to improve the quality of composite materials

  It is reported that glass fiber and other related materials are added to today's hot-melt plastics, thereby improving the service life and durability of their plastic materials. Since the toughness and stability of the glass fiber itself are stronger in the subsequent composite material processing, this firbeglass improves the service life and toughness of the glass material. For customers, choosing high-quality and reliable glass fiber can improve the processing quality of various parts, reduce the actual weight, and improve the modification ability of glass fiber in plastic products.

  All in all, under the application of this unique glass fiber, there are more changes in the production and processing of glass products, and customers can understand the service of glass fiber, and clarify the current market standards and the processing of their products. According to the situation, materials with more stable production and processing are selected, so that this glass fiber can be effectively integrated with other materials to improve the utilization quality of glass fibre composite and the quality of its processing.

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