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    Raw materials and their applications: fiberglass than organic fiber, high temperature resistant non-combustible, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electric insulation.But sex is crisp, poor wear resistance.Industrial filter material, anti-corro   Read More>

  • Fiberglass Direct Roving.jpg

    Fiberglass Direct Roving for weaving is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins. Its excellent weaving property makes it suited for fiberglass product, such as roving cloth, combination mats, stitched mat, multi-axial fabric, geotextiles, molded grating. The end-use produ   Read More>

  • Woven Roving.jpg

    Fiberglass Woven Roving is made of fiberglass direct rovings in plain and twill weaving method.The input rovings are designed to give controlled wet-out and excellent laminate properties. It is compatible with Polyester,Vinyl ester and Epoxy resin and widely used in hand machine production, such as   Read More>

  • IMG_2211.jpg

    Glass fiber mesh is a glass fiber woven fabric as the substrate, the polymer anti-emulsion immersion coating. Which has a good resistance to alkaline, flexibility and latitude and longitude to a high degree of tensile strength, can be widely used in buildings inside and outside the wall insulation,   Read More>

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    According to the composite materials market research expert Lucintel Corporation reported that since 1960, the US composite materials industry increased by 25 times, while the steel industry grew by only 1.5 times, aluminum industry increased by 3 times.In the preparation of this year's "Industry St   Read More>

  • IMG_0844.JPG

    Alkali resistant glass fibre / Fiberglass AR choppe strands suppliersFiberglass AR chopped strands(Alkali resistant glass fibre) are in the line chopped,the chopped strands include Zro2 16.5 andZro2 14.5%.It issuitable for reinforcing thermoplastics.YuNiu AR glass fiber chopped strand is mainly de   Read More>

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    YuNiu Fiberglass mesh is fiberglass leno fabric as the substrate, the anti-emulsion polymer coating after immersion, which has good alkali resistance, flexibility and strong tensile strength, It is widely used in reinforcing walls, natural marble, plaster board, artificial stone materials and exteri   Read More>

  • duanqie.png

    Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is a random fiber mat that provides equal strength in all directions and is used in a variety of hand lay-up and open-mold applications. Chopped strand mat is produced by chopping continuous strand roving into short 1.5 to 3 inch lengths and dispersing the cut fibers randoml   Read More>

  • 短切丝forpps.jpg

    Fiberglass chopped strands for PP.is cutting from long fiberglass roving which was treated by silane coupling agent and special sizing.This chopped strands has small linear density,good strand integrity and flow ability. so it can not generate wool and ball when mixing with plastic granules,even at   Read More>

  • E-glass emulsion.jpg

    Chopped Strand Mat is mainly produced in Fibreglass (E-glass) but is also available in ECR glass.Chopped Strand Mat is made up of chopped strands of glass fibre laid randomly and held together with a binder or stitching.Chopped Stand Mat can be chemically or mechanically bound. Chemical binders incl   Read More>

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