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Industry News

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    Raw materials and their applications: fiberglass than organic fiber, high temperature resistant non-combustible, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electric insulation.But sex is crisp, poor wear resistance.Industrial filter material, anti-corro   Read More>

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    According to the composite materials market research expert Lucintel Corporation reported that since 1960, the US composite materials industry increased by 25 times, while the steel industry grew by only 1.5 times, aluminum industry increased by 3 times.In the preparation of this year's "Industry St   Read More>

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    During the second half year, especially in winter, because of more and more serious environmental pollution, the government will publish related policies to industry, thus the production volume of the factories shall be lowered, even some of the factories might be forced to stop production.At this t   Read More>

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    Glass fiber is a very good alternative to metal materials, with the rapid development of market economy, glass fiber as building, transportation, electronics, electrical, chemical, metallurgical, environmental protection, defense and other industries essential raw materials. As widely used in many a   Read More>

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    Glass fiber products are widely used in various fields of the national economy, including electronics, transportation and construction is the most important three major applications, but also represents the world fiberglass industry in the next few years the development trend.Hebei Yuniu Fiberglass   Read More>

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    For the safety of fiberglass1. Inadvertently contact with the eyes, please immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.2. Wear appropriate protective clothing.3. Do not inhale dust.4. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.Hebei Yuniu Fiberglass manufacturing Co., Ltd. To serve the glob   Read More>

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    Ice skatingIn April 2015, Canadian scientists developed an inexpensive and efficient way to embed fiberglass into stretch rubber, which can be used to make winter skates. The material is made of a rubber plastic called thermoplastic polyurethane, thousands of glass fiber is buried in which stretched   Read More>

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    fiberglass clothThe main use of glass fiber reinforced plastic industry (about 70%). The construction industry is also useful fiberglass cloth, the main role is to increase the intensity. Also for the building exterior insulation layer, interior decoration, interior wall moisture and so onfiberglass   Read More>

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    Glass fiber wet feltGlass fiber non-woven products originated in Europe, after the introduction of the United States, Japan, China and other countries. China has established several large-scale production lines, the main technology from the German technology, such as Changzhou's Zhongxing Tianma, Sh   Read More>

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    Combination of glass fiberSince the 1970s, the emergence of the chopped strand of silk carpets, continuous silk blankets, roving fabrics and roving roving, according to a certain order of the combination of reinforced materials, generally have the following:(1) chopped strand mat + twist roving fabr   Read More>

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