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Fiberglass spray up roving
Fiberglass Spray up Roving is compatible with unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resin and epoxy resin, it is used for spray up and centrifugal casting.
The stranded roving for E-glass fiber jetting is mainly suitable for FRP hulls, refrigerated interior linings, sanitary ware, swimming pools, etc.
Woven rovings made from it can be used in ships and chemical storage tanks.
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1. The resin has moderate permeability and good compatibility with resin.
2. Especially suitable for spraying on vertical surfaces.
3. Good film formation, no rebound.
4. Using silane coupling agent, it is easy to discharge air bubbles.
5. Moderate stiffness and good shredding performance.
6. Proper dispersion and low static electricity.
7. Excellent tiling, good cutting.
8. Good air permeability, and good compatibility with resin.
Mainly used for spraying process, sizing treatment, compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, vinyl.
Commonly used in auto parts, FRP hulls, sanitary ware, cooling towers, grilles and profiles. Widely used in tent poles, glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows, etc.
Woven rovings made from it can be used in ships and chemical storage tanks.
The finished product meets the requirements of fatigue resistance, and is suitable for high-pressure pipelines, pressure vessels and insulating pipe series and electric field high and low pressure.
Product packaging
Each rolls is approximately 18KG, 48/64 rolls a pallet, 48 rolls are 3 floors and 64 rolls are 4 floors. The 20-foot container holds about 22 tons.
shipment: by sea or by air
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment
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Hebei Hebei Yuniu Fiberglass Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,established in 2012, is a professional fiberglass manufacturer in north China.

As a professional fiberglass enterprise,mainly manufactures and distributes a wide range of E type fiberglass products, such as fiberglass roving,fiberglass chopped strands, fiberglass chopped strand mat,fiberglass woven roving, fiberglass fabric and so on.

These are widely used in construction industry, automotive industry, airplane and ship building area, chemistry and chemical industry, electrical and electronics, the emerging field of environmental protection like wind energy.
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Our company has our special professional after-sale service department, products have enjoyed a high prestige in domestic and popular in international market too. Our mission is to serve the global composite materials purchases, to make people’s life more safe, more environmental. Since established in 2012, with the perfect sales team at home and abroad.Our products have been sold to eighty-six countries.We now have market share in Europe,North and South America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia. Give us a chance, and we will return you with satisfaction.We sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand.
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