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Our Factory
Raw material production to finished products and then sales and transportation
15 years of production experience
Foreign trade company was established in 2012
6 years sales experience
Market development in 87 countries
100% of the high praise
Direct from factory, 500 tons/day
​Manufacturing Technique
By advanced pool kiln wiredrawing technology .Made of high quality fiberglass roving.
Suitable for cement mortar, cement board, gypsum products, high strength buildings.
Product advantages
1.Modest water content.Good flowability, even distribution in finished products.
2.Quickly wet-out, high mechanical strength of finished products.Best cost performance.
3.Excellent physical and chemical properties: it can significantly improve the strength of cement products.
For Concrete/Cement 6mm
For Gypsum/Board 12mm
For Concrete/Cement 24mm
For Gypsum/Board 6mm
Zro2 16.5% For Concrete/Cement 12mm
Zro2 14.5% For Concrete/Cement 24mm
Zro2 16.5% For Concrete/Cement 24mm
Zro2 14.5% For Concrete/Cement 12mm
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