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Fiberglass chopped strands for Needle Mat
●The tensile strength is high and the elongation is small.
● High elastic coefficient and excellent rigidity.
● Inorganic fiber, non-flammable, good chemical resistance.
● Stability and heat resistance.

If you have special requirements, HD supports customization of chopped strand length, monofilament diameter, tex value and other parameters.
"What is Fiberglass chopped strands ?”
  Chopped glass fiber was cut from E-glass roving, treated by silane-based coupling agent and special sizing formula, has good compatibility and dispersion with PP PA. With good strand integrity and flowability.

"What is Needle Mat?”
  Chopped strand fiber mat is a flat fabric composed of chopped glass fibers oriented and bonded together in a random pattern. Originally invented to replace cardboard in waterproofing membranes, fiberglass mats have long since conquered other applications such as commercial and residential construction, energy storage, and automobiles. Fiberglass mats can be tailored to meet the desired properties of the end application by adjusting, for example, glass fibers (glass type, fiber size, fiber length, fiber diameter, fiber blend), binder system, mat thickness, and mat density.