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Fiberglass chopped strands for PA/PP/PBT
●Combined with resin, the permeability is fast.
● Excellent product color and hydrolysis resistance.
● Good dispersion, white color, easy to color.
● Good strand integrity and low static.
● Good wet and dry fluidity.

If you have special requirements, HD supports customization of chopped strand length, monofilament diameter, tex value and other parameters.
"What is Fiberglass chopped strands ?”
  Chopped glass fiber was cut from E-glass roving, treated by silane-based coupling agent and special sizing formula, has good compatibility and dispersion with PP PA. With good strand integrity and flowability.

"What is PA/PP/PBT?”
  Thermoplastic is a type of plastic made up of polymer resins that softens when heated and hardens when cooled.
Thermoplastics are easily recycled and do not show any chemical property changes when heated or cooled multiple times—which makes them easy to recycle.
Common ones are: PP, PA, PBT,PE,PVC,ABS